Evaluation of adaptation measures

A first version of the Quality Standard for Adaptation Measures will be tested in four demonstration sites. In these sites, actions to improve their adaptive capacity have already been implemented. The results of this pre-application will help refining and improving the Application Standard in the pilot-cases of the project.

The selected locations are:

  • Fageda del Campament (Girona). Beech forest in the Montseny Park, where actions to promote maturity have been carried out.
  • El Cierzo Public Utility Mountain (Zaragoza). Aleppo pine forest (Pinus halepensis) where clearings where open to reduce vulnerability to drought.
  • Izki (Álava). Quercus pyrenaica oak grove, integral natural reserve and habitat improvement actions.
  • Itsuregui (Gipuzkoa). Beech forest where actions to recover structural complexity and improve connectivity are being implemented.