Habitat restoration for resilience in Sierra Norte Nature Park

The forest “Cuartel del Monte” in Sierra Norte de Guadalajara shows a clear state of decay and stagnation of the woodland (both Pinus sylvestris and Quercus pyrenaica), with scarce regeneration. Since its reforestation in 1972, forest management has been practically absent, and it was hit by two fires in the 1990s.

The pilot application of the standard includes implementing adaptation measures consisting of ecological restoration in Pinus sylvestrisand Pinus uncinate reforestations; promoting the mixed character of forest habitats (oak, beech and birch forests), and the mosaic with Mediterranean high mountain grasslands and shrublands.

All actions will be aimed at promoting better adaptation to the new climate conditions and greater resilience to extreme events. To this end,silviculture will be applied aimed at promoting attributes of forest maturity and favouring the reactivation of natural processes mitigated or absent – such as those of forest maturation -, as well as simulating disturbances that activate ecological processes of plant evolution.