From the Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation and EUROPARC-Spain we want to contribute to the celebration of the International Day of Forests with the launch of the LIFE RedBosques_Clima project, on which we will work for the next four years.

In the context of the current climate crisis, we value even more the role that forests play for society as a whole, both from the point of view of mitigation and adaptation. It is calculated that Spanish forests fix a net quantity of CO2 equivalent to 17.5% of the total emissions of Spain. In addition, well-preserved forests help control erosion, cushion the effects of torrential rains, better resist forest fires and defend themselves better against pests. All this contributes directly and indirectly to our well-being as a society in scenarios that will be more and more extreme.

Keeping forests in good condition is the best tool to ensure their ability to adapt to new climatic conditions. The long tradition of forest management allows us to have the appropriate knowledge and tools to achieve these objectives, although it is necessary to extend them to the entire forest territory to create more resilient landscapes, as well as to ensure that the adaptation objectives are harmonized with the commitments biodiversity conservation. In this line we will work in RedBosques_Clima, showing adaptation actions in three representative situations of very common situations in Spanish forests.

Collaborative work between the network of professionals linked to the management of protected areas and forest management, together with the essential scientific advice, will be essential. We invite you to follow the actions of the project through this bulletin that we launch today International Forest Day.

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