Creation of new management tools

  • Vulnerability Index based on naturalness indicators, derived from the resilience characteristics of a Reference Stand Network.
  • Online tool for the application of the Vulnerability Index in any forest where adaptation measures are to be designed.
  • Standard for the implementation of adaptation measures: generally applicable guidance to ensure that actions meet the criteria of “Ecosystem-based Adaptation”.
  • Prototype to be tested in four forests where adaptation actions are already being implemented.

Application in pilot-sites

A. Resilient landscape in the Parc Natural dels Ports (Tarragona): elaboration of a forest management plan to generate a mosaic forest landscape and implementation of several demonstrative measures, in a participatory way with all forest owners.

B. Improvement of adaptation capacity in reforested areas in the Valencian Community (Castellón, Valencia and Alicante): increase of structural heterogeneity and habitat diversification in several pine plantations highly vulnerable to climate change.

C. Forest restoration for climate change adaptation in the Sierra Norte Natural Park (Guadalajara): recovery of several Habitats of Community Interest occupied by reforestation.

Replication throughout the territory

  • Dissemination via website, newsletter, social media networks
  • Publication of technical material (manual, videos).
  • Staff exchange programme for conservation and forestry technicians.
  • Six technical-scientific webinars.
  • One blended learning course, face-to-face and online format.
  • Four scientific-technical seminars in which the progress of the project will be discussed.
  • Specific events for policy makers, at regional, national and EU level.