The climate scenarios anticipate a near future with higher temperatures and lower precipitation, with a greater incidence of major droughts and more frequent and intense forest fires. Preserving the variety of services that forests provide us requires taking actions to improve their adaptive capacity, accompanying the process of change that will inevitably occur, to reduce risks.

To do this, given the enormous extension of territory to be managed, and the diversity of existing situations, it will be necessary to use different tools, complementary to each other, and designed according to the characteristics of each place.

Among these tools, forestry will undoubtedly be one of the most important. The accumulated experience in forest management can be directed towards adaptation to climate change, in a manner compatible with production objectives, or biodiversity conservation.

In this fourth webinar, several approaches to forestry with objectives of adaptation to climate change are presented.


  • 10.00 – 10.15 El proyecto LIFE RedBosques_Clima.
    Diego García. Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez
  • 10.15 – 10.45 Gestión forestal para la adaptación al cambio climático.
    Enrique Arrechea Veramendi, Gobierno de Aragón
  • 10.45 – 11.15 Selvicultura de conservación de los procesos, casos demostrativos.
    Oscar Schwendtner, Bioma Forestal
  • 11.15 – 11.45 Adaptación de los bosques al cambio climático, el caso del bosque de Poblet.
    Mario Beltrán, Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC)
  • 11.45 – 12.30 Debate con los asistentes.


  • Óscar Schwendtner is a forestry engineer and Forest Biome consultant. He has collaborated with various Spanish administrations in the characterization of mature stands, and in the development of forest management projects with objectives of adaptation to climate change and habitat conservation.
  • Mario Beltrán Barba is a forestry engineer and senior professional engineer. He is currently head of the Knowledge Transfer, Development and Innovation group at the Forest Science and Technology Center of Catalonia, specialized in Mediterranean multifunctional forestry, evaluation of forest resources, strategic and operational planning and implementation of demonstrative forestry actions.
  • Enrique Arrechea Veramendi is a Forestry Engineer and Specialist in Protected Natural Spaces. Since 1996 he has been an official of the Government of Aragon, first in the Section of Protected Natural Spaces and then in the Directorate of the Moncayo Natural Park. Between 2013 and 2023 he has been Head of the Forest Management Unit of Zaragoza and since October 2023 he has held the position of Head of the Forest Planning and Management Service of the Government of Aragon.

Webinar results

Presentación del webinario y proyecto Red Bosques Clima.
Diego García. FUNGOBE.


Gestión forestal para la adaptación al cambio climático. 
Enrique Arrechea. Gobierno de Aragón.


Selvicultura de conservación de los procesos ecológicos. Casos demostrativos.
Oscar Schwendtner. Bioma Forestal.


Adaptación de los bosques al cambio climático: el caso poblet. 
Mario Beltran. CTFC.