The LIFE RedBosques_Clima project aims to achieve greater adaptive capacity to climate change in forests by promoting forest management with conservation objectives (promoting maturity, increasing heterogeneity and biodiversity) under the umbrella of the concept of “Ecosystem-based Adaptation”.

We will create tools to evaluate the forest’s vulnerability to climate change, to ensure quality and efficiency in our adaptation measures.

We will apply these tools in three pilot cases, that represent the most frequent conservation status of spanish forests:

1) Creation of a resilient landscape in Els Ports Nature Park, Tarragona.
2) Improvement of the adaptation capacity in reforested areas in Castellón, Valencia y Alicante.
3) Forest restoration for climate change adaptation in Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Nature Park.

We will promote the replication of our proposed management model among the main stakeholders implied in forest management, so that the adaptation measures could be applied in a wider territory.

To this end, three specific objectives are proposed, subordinate to the main one, with an objective specifically dedicated to the transferability of the project results:

Promote good adaptation practices in forest management based on “natural solutions” through tools to facilitate their implementation.  
Facilitate the incorporation of existing scientific knowledge into management practice: determine which characteristics of forests in a favourable conservation status confer adaptive capacity, and use them as references in a tool to assess the vulnerability of forests; develop a protocol to ensure the quality and effectiveness of adaptation measures, applicable to all forests in the EU.
Implement pilot actions to improve the adaptation capacity of various forest types.                    

Implement these tools (vulnerability assessment and standard for adaptation measures) in several pilot cases of adaptation to climate change, selected in three representative situations – and therefore easily replicable – of the most frequent conservation status of Spanish forests, with the participation of the responsible administrations, owners and other local agents.

Encourage the transferability of project results and promote their replication throughout the territory.
Promote the replication of the proposed management model by the main agents involved in forest management, so that adaptation measures can be extended to the entire territory. Action will be taken at three levels: government managers, landowners and policy makers.