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Several entities responsible for forest management in different territories are involved in the LIFE RedBosques_Clima project. In the Valencian Community, the Conselleria de Agricultura, Desarrollo Rural, Emergencia Climática y Transición Ecológica participates in the project, with the logistical support of VAERSA, Valenciana d’Aprofitament Energètic de Residus, S.A.

In this video, recorded in the framework of the project’s presentation day in Valencia, Gloria Romero Cuenca, biologist and forestry engineer of the Generalitat Valenciana, Deputy Director General of Natural Environment and Environmental Assessment, presents the keys to the project’s activities to be carried out in the Valencian Community.

Renaturalisation and climate change adaptation actions have been programmed in old Pinus pinaster reforestations in the three Valencian provinces, both in public and private forests. Given that most of the forest in the territory of the Valencian Community are in private properties, and with the expectation of facilitating the replicability of the actions tested in the project, forest owners, such as the Sociedad de Montes de Jérica in the province of Valencia, among others were included in the process.

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