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The pilot-action in the Els Ports Natural Park aimed at creating a forest landscape resilient to climate change. The informative and participatory process was finished, with twelve workshops held with the involvement of 40 participants, including landowners, technicians and other stakeholders involved in the management of the natural area. The objetive of this phase was to obtain the commitment of a large group of public and private landowners to manage a landscape unit representative of the forest habitats within the massif. So far, owners of 9 estates, corresponding to 7,918.62 hectares within the Park, have shown interest in the lines of work set out in the project.

The next step was the definition of three landscape units made up of 4 public and 5 private estates. The management planning begun through the application of Forest Management Instruments (IOF). These IOF will be developed independently for each property, following an integrated approach under a natural forestry model process to improve the adaptive capacity of forests to climate change. Only two of these private farms and public forests are part of the pilot case; the others will replicate the proposed management model.

To date, the drafting of the IOFs for the pilot farms (1,102 ha) was assigned, and two of the plans for the properties that will replicate the methodology are underway. The planning process in expected to start in the coming months.