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Within the framework of action C4, aimed at the renaturalisation of Pinus pinaster repopulations in pilot stands distributed throughout the three provinces of the Valencian Community, work has begun in the province of Castellón, located entirely in the municipality of Barracas. The stands that will be are a mixed pine forest reforestation.

Vulnerability to drought has been quantified using the index developed for the project, which has enabled the objectives of the action to be defined:

On a landscape scale, the action aims to promote the habitat of the Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) in the Southern Iberian System. The reforested plots are scattered and interspersed with other habitats, such as Juniperus oxycedrus scrub. The intervention seeks a mosaic-like configuration to increase resilience.

At the stand scale, a greater diversity of species is being promoted, as well as a higher heterogeneity of the structure through the opening of clearings. The species of greatest interest and least representation are prioritised, such as : Quercus faginea, Quercus ilex, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus pinaster (with a selection of 80 feet of future/ha), Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii and, lastly, Pinus nigra subsp. nigra (Austrian), which it is intended to be eradicated.

Currently, a total of 6 ha of the 28 ha planned for the province of Castellón have been intervened.

The decision-making process for selecting the plots and defining the work has been based on the document Quality Standard in Adaptation – Criteria for the design of action to adapt forests to climate change in protected areas developed within the LIFE RedBosques_Clima Project.

Criterios para el diseño de acciones de adaptación
de los bosques al cambio climático en áreas protegidas.