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On 18 April 2023, 200 participants attended the first RedBosques_Clima webinar, dedicated to the theme “Forests vulnerability to climate change”.

Jose Atauri, technical coordinator of the project, from the Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation (FUNGOBE), presented the objectives, actions and project partners. He also shared the progress on the key actions and elucidated participants on the reports and technical manuals that are already available for download.

Jordí Vayreda, from the Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals (CREAF), in his presentation “The role of diversity and maturity in management actions for climate change adaptation”, presented the trends in recent decades about the evolution of forest biomass, as a consequence of rural abandonment, and scenarios of drought and extreme factors resulting from climate change. He proposed “close-to-nature” climate change adaptation measures, to increase climate resilience and improve conservation values.

Lluís Comas, also from CREAF, closed the round of presentations with the “Application of a drought vulnerability index to the RedBosques reference stand network”. He presented the risk / vulnerability to drought assessment, which is based on 5 main characteristics – geographical and climatic exposure, average functional susceptibility and its diversity, structural / compositional susceptibility, and lack of resilience – and the RedBosques tool for assessing drought risk at plot level.