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CREAF, the technological partner of the project, has developed an online application for assessing drought risk in a forest at the stand level. Users can compare the results with the risk in plots from the National Forest Inventory (representing the “average” forest) or the Reference Stand Network (consisting only of mature stands). The tool applies a quantitative index based on indicators of the structure and functioning of the forest developed in this project. The tool includes instructions for obtaining indicators from sample plots.

The tool calculates the drought risk index for any forest habitat at the stand level based on a set of indicators obtained from simple field sampling with plots, enabling forest managers, technicians, or owners to make decisions on forest management to reduce drought vulnerability.

Upon registration via email, the tool allows users to:

  • Enter field information for plots in a specific stand and instantly obtain a PDF profile with the risk value and its two components: exposure and vulnerability to drought. The profile also displays the value of all indicators for assessing risk and compares them with plots from the third National Forest Inventory (IFN3).
  • Graphically compares, from different perspectives, the risk values and their components for a stand in a specific habitat with all plots from IFN3, or a subset, and with the RedBosques reference stand network.

View on a map the drought risk value or its two components for stands entered by various users, the reference stands of RedBosques, and the plots of IFN3. Data can be filtered and visualised on the map by habitat.