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The Basque Country now has 9 reference stands, which are added to the Reference Stands Network of the LIFE RedBosques project. These stands have a higher degree of maturity and a low human footprint, including beech, oak, pine and holm oak forests, but also oak groves, riparian forests and yew forests.

The LIFE REDBOSQUES project provides managers and professionals with a procedure for the identification and characterisation of stands of mature forest or forest close to maturity, which can serve as a reference for the evaluation of the conservation status of the different types of forest habitat present in Spain.

The Reference Stands Network map shows more than 230 reference stands in Spain and the new stands in the Basque Country: La Tanca, La Campanilla, Lakanduz, Elano, La Chojica, Balzarra, Calzada, Andurio and El Pinal.

Mature stands are of great interest due to their complexity, their scarcity and the highly specialised and often threatened biodiversity they harbour. For this reason, their identification is considered a priority. We encourage you to join this initiative by proposing stands in your respective areas of work. The methodology, which includes 2 phases – survey and characterisation, is described and available at