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The LIFE RedBosques_Clima project was presented at the IV Mediterranean Biogeographic Seminar, held in Larnaca (Cyprus), from April 17 – 19 2024. The project was showcased during the “market of experiences”, where professionals from different EU countries could learn firsthand about the objectives of LIFE RedBosques_Clima and obtain documentation about it. Additionally, the event provided an opportunity to establish contacts with other projects and similar initiatives on the conservation of European forests.

This seminar is part of the biogeographic process of the Natura 2000 Network, promoted by the European Commission since 2012 to encourage the participation and cooperation of stakeholders involved in the management, evaluation, monitoring, and financing of the Natura 2000 Network at the biogeographic region level. The process is overseen by expert groups and steering committees for each biogeographic region, with representation from the European Commission, Member States, the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity, NGOs, and independent experts, among other actors.

The LIFE Programme, as the main financial instrument for the conservation of the Natura 2000 Network, has a prominent presence in the process, which is used to promote ongoing and completed projects.