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The Valencian Community has achieved significant advances in the reforested areas of Pinus pinaster. After completing the work in the province of Castellón, they have implemented the standard developed in the project for designing actions in Valencia and Alicante. This phase is crucial to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of adaptation measures in different localities.

In the initial phase, meetings were held with the municipalities where the plots are located, in Valencia and Alicante, to seek their collaboration. The response has been very positive. The necessary technical specifications for contracting the work have already been drafted and their tendering and execution are expected soon.

One of the most notable innovations is the implementation of prescribed burns over an area of about 5 hectares within one of the pilot plots in Alicante, simulating a disturbance similar to a natural fire. The objective is to eliminate the 15 cm thick layer of pine needles and stimulate latent regeneration. The procedure includes inducing a low-intensity fire under the pine canopy once the planned thinning works in the area have been carried out.

Combining silvicultural work and prescribed burns will increase heterogeneity and diversity, reducing vulnerability to drought and major forest fires.