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Aerial view of the area where the demonstrative forestry actions are planned to be carried out, taken during the preparation of the executive project.

The pilot actions in Els Ports Nature Park aim to create a climate-resilient forest landscape. They are divided into three sub-actions:

  • Informative process to involve a broad group of landowners in the project (C3.1, completed in 2022)
  • Drafting of forest planning tools for the nine participating estates (four public estates and five private estates). The Forest Management Instruments, developed in coordination with all the landowners, address forest planning at the landscape scale, covering a total of 5,474 hectares. (C3.2, completed in 2023)
  • Implementation of demonstrative actions. The drafting of the executive project for the demonstrative silvicultural actions, aimed at improving forest maturity attributes and restoring open spaces for biodiversity, has been completed. Once authorized by the forest service, we will begin the process of tendering the works, scheduled for late 2024 (C3.3, ongoing).

Currently, technical assistance is being processed to support the Park staff in coordinating the approval process of the drafted Forest Management Instruments and to form a working group of technicians and landowners to promote, in the long term, the deployment and creation of the climate-resilient forest landscape.

Field visit during the preparation of the Forest Management Instruments together with owners, ranchers, technical editors and technicians of the Els Ports Natural Park.