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In the spring, after the snow had melted and accessibility conditions improved, actions under C.5 Restoration of forest diversity for climate change adaptation in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Nature Park resumed. In April 2024, inventory work in the targeted stands was completed.

So far, a total of 19 plots have been measured, 12 of which correspond to the Phase 01 action zones, 5 to the Phase 02 action zone, and 2 as control plots. Additional control plots are needed to compare the evolution between treated and untreated areas.

Inventory Plots

In May 2024, the project design for implementing actions in the Pinus uncinata reforestation area (Phase 02) was completed, and administrative processing for its award has begun.

Slope of Cerro del Aventadero. Canton 16

At this time, all planned work, both in the Pinus sylvestris reforestation areas (Phase 01) and Pinus uncinata reforestation areas (Phase 02), has been assigned to a local company with extensive experience in forest exploitation and silvicultural operations in the region. This company is technically equipped to work in areas of very difficult access and conditions.

Work is scheduled to begin this July, taking advantage of the summer period when access conditions are most suitable in these areas, which reach 2,000 meters above sea level and have very steep slopes.