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On June 11 and 12, Alto Tajo Nature Park hosted a technical visit of the LIFE RedBosques_Clima. It was an opportunity to revisit the available tools to enhance the forests’ capacity to adapt to climate change from the perspective of ecosystem-based adaptation. The potential for public-private collaboration was also one of the topics discussed.

During the tour, participants were able to observe firsthand the restoration of key ecological processes (such as river connectivity and necrophagy restoration), the preservation of mature stands, alternative community-based forest useinvolving several municipalities, and the restoration of herbivory through wild ungulates in areas where extensive grazing has disappeared. These topics were also discussed in the third webinar of the RedBosques_Clima project.

The event targeted administrative officials responsible for forest management and protected areas planning, with the ability to replicate the visited initiatives in other regions. Attendees included officials from Aragón, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, and Castilla-La Mancha, who are involved in developing work lines related to the content of the visit.