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One of our objectives at the LIFE RedBosques_Clima is to agree, with the group of protected area and forest managers, on what criteria an adaptation action should meet to be considered a “good practice” from an Ecosystem-based Adaptation perspective.

To this end, we evaluated four demonstration sites where actions have been implemented that can contribute to improving their adaptive capacity:

  • Muntanya de Matagalls (Girona). Beech forest with actions to promote maturity (felling and cutting).
  • MUP “El Cierzo” (Zaragoza). Pinus halepensis pine forest with thinning to increase heterogeneity.
  • Marojal de Izki (Álava). Quercus pyrenaica forest with actions to increase heterogeneity and improve habitats.
  • Altube beech forest (Álava). Beech forest with regeneration felling and use of firewood.

Based on this experience, we have developed criteria to guide the design and implementation of adaptation measures ensuring that:

  • Future climate scenarios are considered
  • Elements vulnerable to climate change are identified
  • There are explicit adaptation objectives
  • Adaptation is proposed through the improvement of the conservation status of the forest ecosystem.
  • Participation of local actors is encouraged, and social benefits are ensured.
  • Results are evaluated

These criteria were identified in a series of steps, to follow in the design of adaptation measures, which are being applied in the three pilot areas of the project (Els Ports, Parque Natural de la Sierra Norte and Comunidad Valenciana). The lessons learned in this process will be used to develop more generally applicable criteria.